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home exterior stained siding

What am I seeing on my exterior siding?

Seeing a taint by yourself residence siding prevails, particularly without regular upkeep on your home. Part of the aspect staining is so usual on exterior siding is that there are a number of various types. In this blog post, our goal is to detail the type of spots most generally found on the side of your home in addition to what frequently tends to produce them.

Typical Stains on Exterior Siding


Dirt is the most conventional discolor you will absolutely see on your house. Elements cause dirt to attach to siding in multiple ways, leading to the accumulation of grime on the surface. For example, if there is a bad storm with a lot of wind, loose dirt and mud can be blown through the air and end up on your residence. Vice versa, you can develop dirt to end up on your outside house siding while you are landscaping or something comparable around your home.

Algae on Exterior Siding

Green stuff on your house siding, especially on the north side, indicates algae has attached itself to the exterior surface. Algae is one of the most normal developments that home owners will certainly see on their residence. Algae on house siding often originates from water bodies, although its exact origins may not always be clear. For instance, Lake Erie houses algal flowering that is intensified by sewer drainage right into the lake. Algae attaches to and feeds off dirt on siding, thriving when airborne. While algae won’t trigger any architectural damages, it can mount itself right into the house siding if it is not properly power washed.

Mold and Mildew on Exterior Siding

The build-up of moisture on home siding causes mold and mildew to form. Moisture in shaded areas increases mold and mildew growth on home siding. Like algae, mold and mildew feed off dirt that is already current on the exterior house siding. Both mold along with mildew are fungi, nonetheless they have numerous wants. Mold is mostly green or black in shade while mildew tends to range from white to yellow. Mold as well as mildew have to particularly be eliminated as a result of the health and wellness risks it offers.

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